STAG London

Before leaving London, I helped to form a butch/FTM discussion group called STAG. Here's the publicity we wrote for our flyer.


As its name implies, STAG is a boys' club - with a difference: it's for boys and men who are, or were, female. It's "a group for butch dykes and FTM (female-to-male) identified people into S/M". As far as we know STAG is the first group for both butches and FTMs anywhere in the world.


Founding member and club organiser Robin says: "Living in the world as a butch person is a very different experience from say living in the world as femme. Personally I have a pretty hard time working out most femmes' process, and often feel isolated in my butchness. I have a desire to get together with a bunch of my own mental gender in an attitude-free zone and have some fun. My intention is not to create some kind of Neanderthal, misogynist femme-bashing group, but rather a fun and supportive group with a common S/M background and a shared experience of being in the world as butch."

STAG meets regularly for workshop discussions on topics like daddy/boy play, and for social outings like bowling nights. Look out in the future for their newsletter and webpage, and see them at S/M Pride where they will be marching in club uniform.

To preserve a safe space for discussion of the sometimes sensitive topic of gender, STAG is a closed group: membership is by invitation only. However, self-referrals are accepted. Write to STAG, c/o Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1, or e-mail for more information.

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