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Having (stretching a point) "recently" moved from Britain to Babylon-by-the-Bay, and being a geek by profession (if not by nature), I found it necessary to create a homepage. So here it is - my San Francisco Homepage.

News flash: October 5, 2013 - I was selected as Ms. San Francisco Leather. See my blog here

So who is this Val person, anyway?

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There you are. Next question?

On a more informative - and possibly more serious - note, I am a butch dyke, an unashamed sadomasochist, and a longtime activist in identity politics (as googling me will show you). I'm a network engineer and I'm available for consulting about your home network - if I like you. I recently rediscovered my love for John Waters' movies, not least Serial Mom. (Note: I'm so excited that Hairspray has been re-made!) I love my Ford (the current one is a '01 Explorer SportTrac). I have a home in Oakland and really like the East Bay - but moved back to the peninsula, where I had not lived since childhood, when I moved in with my sweetheart Marilyn.

  • Why - poem by the late Bob Flanagan. Published with permission. If you don't understand why some people choose to be kinky, I think this poem says it all

    Old News flash: June 25, 2001 - this was right after my bunny and I met up.

    The woman with me is my wife, Marilyn. I'm crazy about her.

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